Natalie Gaye Ford

(Naples, Florida)

Natalie Gaye Ford Poems

1. Wrinkles 1/2/2003
2. Autumn 1/2/2003
3. Grandmother 1/2/2003
Best Poem of Natalie Gaye Ford


She was eighty three years young
Laugh wrinkles around her bright eyes
Thin sparsely gray hair, loose false
teeth that make a clacking noise when ever
she ate. Much to her embarrassment.
How she hated being old, ugly flesh with
gnarled aching bones.
I was helping her bathe one night
She was all huddled up in the corner
of the bathtub...I noticed she was
staring at me...
I didn't say anything but I looked into
the very depth of her soul.
Then I knew and understood...There was a
lively, loving spirit imprisoned in her
decaying body, ...

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