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Money is not the happiness.
Happiness can't sell or buy.
My happiness is my friends,
My lover and my family.


The warmth Spring, soft touch my face
With bloom the flowers everywhere
The sunshine sparkles the sky
Watch the beautiful morning

Spring Without You

You left me that morning fall.
The white butterfly was sad.
Making the colored flowers fall fast.
AS I sat next to your guitar.

Spring Flowers

I cannot wait for spring flowers.
The invitations have begun to Spring.

I used to think I loved spring flowers

Spring Love

Sister & Sister In Law

She has broken my heart into so many pieces,
Likes her face's hell
She did not care me much
Her face is just MONEY

The Wedding's Day

The flower’s car was so marvelous.
Her wedding’s ring illuminated
under great sunshine.
Her lips full and pink as roses

Mom And I

Wandering in the hallway.
Can't find happiness in the hospital.
Sick patients hoping to get well,
Confusing when and when mom's getting better?

I Love My Mom Forever & Always

To my mom I love, the great mom I adore,
my only love in life, the great mom I live for -
Though we might fight more than we get along well,
I know our relationship will never go wrong.

Ukraine War

When will this thirst for freedom of all?
When will our love of slavery die?
When the Ukraine Mother's will fetters break?
When will the Ukraine war cease?

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