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I fear i shall not see,
For my cataracts are blinding me.

I fear i shall not hear,

The year of depression - 2002.
Bangkok,12 o' clock, out of the blue,
Something familiar yet peculiar,
Someone playing a black guitar

I lighte a fire.
It goes out in 2 hours,
I wake up next morning to find It ablaze
This fire/our love i compare:

CNN's on my back
Because I stole a cat,
The FBI's got documents in my name -
they can't see it's not me to blame

Potatoes and water
stick like mortar
in my frying pan.
I must have been a moron

This second edition has been fully updated for astronomical events through until the year 2010.
What they said about the first edition:
''i bought mine in 2003 and it expired in 2002, i was confused'' - I don't get it magasine.
''I particularly enjoyed the entry for June 31st'' - Star and planet magasine.

From a box
up in the stratosphere,
or down below my pier,
I slip, and start falling.

tables and chairs
ricketing under holes

my lives -
causes more trouble (than its worth)

I hate Pink
I hate purple/i hate it when people
talk about the colours they like
because in the end they're

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A Poem

I fear i shall not see,
For my cataracts are blinding me.

I fear i shall not hear,
The water rolling down my cheek is a tear.

I fear i shall not smell,
For my nostrils will not tell.

I fear i shall not taste,
All that food is going to waste.

I fear i shall not feel,
For my nerves are on a par whith an eel's.

All this means,
Is that i will not concede,
And i cannot think,
So i will save the ink:

The cat sat on the mat.

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