Nazim ZarSinner Poems

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Weekend At Beach

In dazzling rays of burning Sun
Blue waters seem to be the best
To escape from the hot, we run
From our routine, to have some rest

In White (Ghazal)

When his virtue in the blue waters was guessed in white
The night angel with all his powers was accessed in white

He was described as holy as the Bible of Jesus

In September (Ghazal)

The mirror of my heart had lost all its shine in September
In my life, for the first time, I drank some wine in September

Broken waves of Saharan sand show condition of my heart

Go To Hell (Ghazal)

The Bible was in my hand, title read: Go to Hell
When I left the temple, then bishop said: Go to Hell

Capitals are wasting millions, always are in heaven

As Well (Ghazal)

I was unconscious, she was in trance as well
Like her blue eyes' that look, her love was yance as well

The voice of her singing is echoing all 'round

Is Ending (Ghazal)

Life's goal that at one time was very prime is ending
Smile my heart 'cause on you desires' regime is ending

Everything has been legalized in constitution

O Sinner (Ghazal)

Have you ever been in love with me or not O Sinner?
You are the one whose love and care I ever sought O Sinner!

When you kissed my dry lips then my eyes were really flooded

The Night In Soft Arms

Lights were shining as stars shine with blue glimpses;
The bed was adorned with red rose's petals so fragrant!
Pleasant moments waiting for a person sick of love;
The feelings I bore in my mind, can I tell? I can't.

Only On You

If we are
To meet
Then who can dare
Separate us?


Birdwatching is a nice habbit,
For all of those who love nature;
May soothe someone who is wabbit;
Birds are a pleasant creature.

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