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Being a poet is not that easy but what makes it easy is when you love poetry..introvert that doesn't know exists among extroverts...

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A Dream Fell Upon

once a story was told
a dilema of my inspiration
suffocating deep with desires
devoted wth dire believer


im from far in lands of wonderless
the day gloomed wth sun light
enduring the warmth in my heart
i swept dust on my feet


beauty inside
she who secrifice her life for your living
she who shed a tear to show love
her smile forever glued on her face.

Its Complicated Secret

i describe it in a different way
but my heart opposes.
i try by all means but its in the way i lough.
he smiles

My Stolen Heart

Deep in congestion of love,
Had been from thornylands, had believed I had half of my heart
and so not ever to be concidered in adorance.
Nevertheless shall it bring you whom I cry when memories fly, I recalled,

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