My mother!
So many years ago still I remember
As always your beauty glitters like an angel.
Yesterday to this day you remain the same

It is yesterday that is trying to invade
The darling soil of a wonderland
The moon is yellow; these tears won't be in vain
For your voice cries out from the underground

Long I that special few hours
When Bugzy and Ditto will joyfully display their talents
In the presence of this poetry
We will be on the shores of a gentle blue

The time came when crickets sang unpleasant songs
When stars became visible but struggled to shine
When moon shed tears of blood!

Right now I'm on a broken plastic chair
My piano sitting opposite me
Listening to an old sweet song
Thinking about my sweet melody

In a pool of pain and bitterness,
Comforted by contrition and unexplainable love,
I looked into the skies with my hands high …
I closed my naked eyes and asked why.

When will the sunshine?
A good leaf is about to wither
As the serpent suffers from animosity
The mind antagonises the self.

Slay not the aged rooster
He can predict the future
As festive season approaches... he vanishes!
And now he is seven.

Before you shut the door
Have mercy on these tears
See me not as an ugly beast
Just take a second to remember

The moon shone sorrowfully
In the middle of the night
A tree trembled with fright
As the wind whipped its branches

The Best Poem Of NDIDI UBOGU

My Mother

My mother!
So many years ago still I remember
As always your beauty glitters like an angel.
Yesterday to this day you remain the same
And tears fall down as your hair turns grey.

You are as strong as a lioness
So brave like a bear
You are as loving as a dolphin
So gentle like a dove
You are a protector, a shield
You are an umbrella … and a mother.

My mother!
Mother of sweet smelling flowers
The one I long to embrace each minute
The one I pray for without ceasing
The one I am proud of always
And the one I will always look after.

My mother!
My happiness, my sight
You are the cause of my endless joy
And these words I will always share.
Your smile is a smile of life
Your words are pearls of wisdom
Blessed is your husband… blessed are your children.

My mother!
So many years ago still I remember
You wrapped me in your arms so gently
Like a hen does to her chicks
You chased the cold wind away
And I was never thirsty.

My mother!
You cried when I was going astray,
You woke me at midnight
And fed me with powerful words,
You made me a prayer point and my tears wiped away
Oh mother, you are truly appreciated!

I need you as a calf needs his mother
And I know you will always be there
I pray God give you abundant life
So that you'll reap from your fertile soil
You will see your children's children
For the Lord is on our side.

So smile that joyful smile my mother
Because we love you so much
Yesterday to this day you remain the same
Indeed, you are the sweetest mother
In the whole wide world
I love you my mother.


NDIDI UBOGU Popularity

NDIDI UBOGU Popularity

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