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Why You Run Away From Me My Love


Ooh am stand at the middle of world.
I see my beautifully bird running.
I tried to run after it.
But that bird fly.

Ooh my beautifully one.
Why you leave me in this cold world.
Why I don't have wings.
Why you left me deep in this cold sea.

Now am asking myself that where I failed.
The voice came from nowhere,
patric ndidzulafhi munyai let it go.
And look forward.

By ndidzulafhi patric munyai

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Revelation of love Many poeple are always asking themself that where love camefrom.Even now most of them, they are still eating their headbone. eventhough few of them already brought outcome, but they put uncorrect answer on the table. It is better to wipe out those unhelp ideas, because most person now are already filled by those wrong ideas.If you can look at my hands, you can see what i hold by my hands.so now every eyes can certainly see real about love. Everybody born with their one who they true love inside themselve. therefor let me give example by myself. I love fat one, tall not short, talkative one. So if i can date with a short one ot thin, which means our love wont go any further. Because the day i will see the one who applied in my mind, obviously that relationship will go nowhere. Most person are always saying that no goods can meet, Because they are lazy to seek the one who known by their hearts. So many people in this world are in a relationship with unknown people by their hearts. That is why most person hurt their lover and killing each other. Eventually most people getting to sick and giveup on love. Know this now love is beutiful, begin to seek someone who your heart knows, do not be hurry, take it easy. Eventhough someone can promised you heaven and earth, please ask your heart before you say the word, because that word you can say, it can ruin your whole life.make sure you do the right things for yourself. Do not something else to tempt you, make sure you flesh aways all temptation coming to you. Tell all tongues which is trying to deceive you. Remember money attract many freinds, do not let yourself to be attracted. Love does not have eyes, love always stay at open space, love is stupid and crazy. So from now, whatever come to you ask your heart, your heart wont lie to you. I promise you will enjoy love, from now till forever. This Revelation of love written by munyai ndidzulafhi patric.

Before everything created Before everything created where? Heaven or earth? If everywhere, there was nothing present. Am not saying things were created automatical. But am just wanna reminding you the word (BELIVE) . Why should I keep answering this hard question? No let me no answer anymore. No I ca'nt anymore That one answer I answered is more than enough, just believe. No I can't answer anymore Just stick on the word ' BELIVE' or else... And don't ask me that or else what. Because I can't answer any question anymore. By munyai ndidzulafhi patric

Let's walk together. No more looking back. When obstacles comes let's fight together. As we made for each other.

Along this journey Do'nt let me fall If I can't walk, Please carry me on your shoulders.

If they are laughing at you today, Let them laugh themselves tomorrow.

If yesterday you tried and failed, Please today don't try just do it.

If your heart ask you to.. Please just do it.. You have to follow your heart... That's why everyone have heart.

Let me smim in this happiness dam. In the dam I dreamt about. The dam which is smelling the love.. only love

You failed to make it yesterday, Because you think that you will do it today.. And today you're thinking to do it tomorrow.. Make it to day. Please take free advice...if you're still under the sun you'll never stop thinking and the road you're on it will end.

If you want best fruits you have to learn to wait.. Remember short cut always disappointed.

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