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Many times it comes to my mind that,
Why I' cant be as beautiful as a 'ROSE'
As beautiful as the moonlight
Even though,

I had a dream
It was unusual
Reminded of my duties
And responsibilities

Would you let me live in peace,
what have I done to you?
Don't bother me
I am not bothering you...

Smile Always! ! !
Yes that’s my mantra in life...
No matter what comes your way,
One should not feel bitten,

For once I thought
The days full of anguish and anxiety will pass away

But to my dismay

i cant use flowery words
i cant use difficult ways
i cant use delicate phrases
i cant use Shakespeare's way of writing

I might live in a dream world..
as u say
at least I have a world
where everything falls

Talking everyday
makes you valuable
seeing you everyday
makes you precious

Why do I always write negative?
I know what opposite means
People say I have a positive aura
I agree

I tore my self from him
For he was the one, getting selfish
And I was the one with selfless love

I am struggling to be a poetess
I know its hard
But I believe
Ways of world will teach me all

Sometimes it happens
I know you love me
You are not here to show it
Please come back here

There are few things
Which are difficult to imagine
We do it in every day life

I held things
I always wanted to
Just to realise later
That something else was

For not everyone i cry
For not everybody i shed tears

I know

As i rolled over
something rolled over me
debated with me
my thoughts dominated me

Why does it happen
when you want some one to be
face to face
you dont' find

As time passes by
I realize what have i done
more than happiness
I have brought sadness

Dont teach me
i m not a kid
i know what is right for me
and whats not

For sure you irritate me
Annoy me...
Bring out the devil in me...

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Inner Self

Many times it comes to my mind that,
Why I' cant be as beautiful as a 'ROSE'
As beautiful as the moonlight
Even though,
We are urchins of the same almighty.
Why has he made some beautiful some not?

One-day god came to me
He said, 'How are you my child? '
I greeted him and asked, 'God, why haven't you made me beautiful? '
He said, 'Who says you are not! '
Some have outer beauty,
Some have inner
And you are full of the second one.
I gave you the inner one
Which will remain with you till you die,
And not the outer one, which ends with the age.
Beauty to me is what I have given to you

To be kind- hearted
To be generous
To be godly, and
To smile and make the world smile with you.

I suddenly woke up in excitement
And from that very day
My life took a drastic change
Every thing seemed so beautiful to me
And realised that what all I have is the reward

Of my own destiny
Of my own fate

He is the judge of our court
Who has showered his blessings on everyone
Some with more, some with less
And from that very moment
I felt that beauty inside me
Leaving me in the process of realising myself.

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Roman Petrov 03 August 2009

please read my love poem: Shine Through Your Warm Lips!

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