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I am a contributing author of several anthologies of international publishers. I am an approved lyricist and playwright at Prasarbharti, an India Government Undertaking. My works are published in famous international literary magazines since 1995. I have received ''Katha Bharati '' award in 2017 from Roop Nagar Maya Nagari Trust, Cuttack, Odisha. Now I am a contributing author of anthology, ' P.S.: It's still poetry ' -published by (3rd January 2022) .

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20 December 2021

Since the earth is round, two parallel lines will one day meet each other at a definite point.

20 December 2021

Ever since the horse showed its back, the man started riding.

22 December 2021

Spring never arrives at thousand sounds of a single model or a single sound of thousand koels.

22 December 2021

We always leap before we look.

23 December 2021

Virtue is a sacred sin

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Tapaswini Bindhani 23 December 2021

Awesome poems

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The Best Poem Of Neelamani Sutar

I Can't Recover Myself

nowadays I am shrinking in all things,
hesitation in everything, skepticism in everything,
reliance in nothing......

All of a sudden, everything inside me turned upside down,
lack of confidence, hesitation and an incomplete weakness....

Lately, I have been getting scared, which is why
the opposite of my nature has been created for no reason! !
! opened the closed door and looked outside to find the lights.
There was so much light flowing around me,
but I couldn't recover at all.

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