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Love Is My Disease

love is my disease
a disease i want to be cured of
you ceased to be a lord over myself
owing you is the only grail that i have
to have a person that i dream of
i want to hear the magic words
want to listen through your lips
i want to meet your eyes
i want to be in your good graces
i want to form an abiding connexion
want to receive your flare of recognition
wanna let you know my yearn before life is done
my passion for you had always remained keen
keen as heaven that you have never seen
i have got to love you with a passion
love you absolutely with self abandon
complete abandon that will make me starve
that will follow me to the grave
nobody ever never wants to have
i need the experience of having been loved
weep my tears by your hand
i feel i have to have your approval
trying always to keep with you up
like a person who keeps on knocking the door
when everyone else has given up
i will felt complete when i have you
feel sufficient and whole with you
when you would help me for that
you could make me sound and truimphant
i'm leading my life alone
hoping for a man to come along
but you had opposed me
opposed me like the great deamons of hell
you had kept me prisoner
and b/c i forced myself to surrender
i lack robust
i lack a deficiency of being within me
and i want you to close this up
to close it up forever
i'm crying bitterly weeping right now
whether for misery or joy i never know
i never had known such a pang of utter
never had known such a pang of hopelessness
that really ache beyond death
i felt like my day was diminished
i felt like i had missed my life
you are the one and only that i want to have
don't make me really dead
before i have a chance to live
i can't do away with the spirit of love altogether
i'm becoming sick and not better
unless i could break out
unless i could let you see my heart
i must die must fearfully and you may hurt
so please save my life from getting darker
and treat my disease forever

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