Nelly Wilder Poems

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5 Reasons Why You Make Me Smile

1: When you find me looking at you and you smile.
2: When you come up to me and talk to me, to try and make me laugh..
3: When we have to work together you saying out of the blue things to me.
4: When I look up and you are looking at me.

In The Moonlit Stars

If you look at the stars on a clear and chilly
night you can puzzle your life story together,
But do you want to know?
What your destiny says,

I Feel So Alone When Your Not Here.

A Summers Day Of Bliss.

In the summer I sit on my swing listening,
just listening to everything I could
possibly hear.

Late At Night

Late at night I hear the trees creek
in the woods and bats swooping down
in the valley, I watch slowly till it
comes to dawn every moment savouring

Under The Whistle Tree

See Me As Who I Am

Alert Of The Mockingbird.

I glide through the woods as careful as a little Robin imagining how they are so gentle and agile as they take the wind.
I stop as I see a Mockingbird looking at me, singing
glorious words of grace and security, when it suddenly stops
its merry tune and stares for a short while behind me in terror.

Do I Have A Chance With You?

I'm laughing with my friends and I realise you are staring
so I quickly flick my hair and smile,
I try so hard to impress you but you do not see
that I am falling.Falling in love with you.

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