Nesmah Elsayed Poems

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The Mother

The Mother That Loves
The Mother That Cares
The Mother That Helps
The Mother That Worries

The Face Of My Angel

As I see your face across the domains.
The face that launched one thousand ships.
The exquisitness of your body and essence can be spotted from lands aways; it blinds me.
The gesture of a perfectionist, composes and compels me to quiver.

The Day

Our time together still was and is unforgettable.
The day when our breathing stopped altogether.
The day when your body molded to mine.
The day when our lips barely touched, and then crushed into one anothers.

My Love

Your presence, your scent, your hair...
My pulse, my life, my love.
Your presence intoxicates me.
Your sweet breath as it hits my cheekbones forces me to shiver without regrets.

Spirited Thoughts And Feelings

Where art thou person I miss I cherish?
When I look into your brown melting eyes,
My soul mate, my hero for you are Parrish.
I see more, what whispers say, chocolate pies.

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