Nguyen Trai Poems

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The Lotus

Mud fails to touch and soil its perfect hue.
A gentleman lives up to its proud name.
Wind wafts its scent on quiet moonlit nights.

To A Friend

My fate naturally has many twists and sharp turns,
So in everything I trust in the wisdom of God.

A Plough And A Spade

A plough and a spade, that's all.
A row of chrysanthemums, and orchids,
A place to plant beans: That's all I need.

Closing The Seaport

All at the same level, wooden poles are driven into the waves;
Ironically, the river is safest in its net of chains.

Con Son Ballad

Con Son's streams babble
As music from a stringed instrument.
Con Son embraces the mossy boulders exposed to the sun,

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