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Alexz Johnson 18 June 2010

There's this girl u talk abt marrying and her in pain who is she

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Alexz Johnson 18 June 2010

I love your poems they are really good

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The Best Poem Of nic Leisure

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While the world burn when the words been said
The sound of the devil feeding off the souls
Between the war and hell is nothing but the same
The air of fire what never kills
Blackness taking the eyes of the beloved ones
By the students being give permission to kill
Comes to a halt of
Two ferities tales of the truth
Far form the long path of the up and down
Wings fly or do they fall burning to ashes
Bringing us to war of the bloody rain
Proud of it you never know until your there
The human vanity of money will never ended
With a smiles of laughter
Fire; fire the whole word gone up with no power

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