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The Brave

The brave do never shun the light;
Just are their thoughts, and open are their tempers;
Freely without disguise they love or hate;

Jane Shore, A Tragedy (Excerpt)

Submissive, sad, and lowly was her look,
A burning taper in her hand she bore,
And on her shoulders, carelessly confus'd

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Nicholas Rowe (20 June 1674 – 6 December 1718), English dramatist, poet and miscellaneous writer, was appointed Poet Laureate in 1715.

The Ambitious Stepmother, Rowe's first play, produced in 1700 at Lincoln’s Inn Fields by Thomas Betterton and set in Persepolis, was called and was well received.[12] This was followed in 1701 by Tamerlane. In th ...

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