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Writing is my passion, as most poets would say, untill just resently I was suffering the worse form os writer's block ever, each blank sheet of paper I saw tanted me, but, thankfully I've started writing again! ! There really isn't much for me to say about myself, I'm just a 'normal' teenage girl leaving in a crap town, who's had her heart broken quite a few to many times.

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Living a life in vain
Hiding from the light
Fighting tears as teh yelling magnifies
Rebuking, screaming curses of hate back at the faces of pain


Waiting for the one
The one to love
To love forever
Forever in his arms


Sadness roams free
Death decaying
Madness alike
Dieing again


I will not let them see me cry
They can push
They can pry
But they shure as hell won't see me cry

That Guy In The Shadows

That guy in the shadow
We all see him
We just don't give a damn
He may stalk you

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