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Through ocean of feathers,
The murder would be soundless,

Feathers ruffled,
We headed into no chickens land,
And there with our beaks at the ready,
We trundled onwards,

O my feathery friend,
Some wicked mans hands,
Have grasped your throat,
That Jack the Ripper,


Can we rent a boat and go,

Can you even row,

It's not the first time,
That several hours have passed,
Without the noticeing of mine,
That you have know how to run to go fast.

Merry christmas,
To you and all you know,
At advent time,
Were blessed,


Knowing that the abyss ahead,
May consume me,
Knowing that the trial ahead,
May destoy me,

Breaking stone and cracking glass,
Steel is bent disfigured brass,
Down come buildings all in a row,
Industry will always come and go,

Breathing the air,
Fingers moving,
Can feel blood coursing through my body,

People in a different place,
Would regard the human race,
With malice ungrounded,
And hatred unfounded.

A chicken is not just for christmas,
Treat him real nice all year,
Celebrte his birthdays,
With cake and crisps and beer,

Eight quid a pop,
A chicken for your hob,
Or for your kids,
Garden or indoors,

The lines cross like motorways,
And the rain leaves splashes on the roads,
There are no cars,
Just the pen,

And Then With A Fleeting Glance,
The train was gone,
The line of churning steam,
Trailing it like a childs forgotten balloon,

Goodbye soldiers,
I'm sure we'll be fine,
Christmas will be white without you,
Easter will be happy without you,

Zut Alors! ,
Will scream the French when in disgust,
Pardon Madame,
Will reply the genial Italian waiter,

Must not tire,
If i do,

Many years ago,
At the old horse and hound resort,
The antichrist of patriotism,
They forced us out and down to the pitches,

Come today,
I will watch sadness melt away,
Come today,
I will light my sunny ray,

Ravaged of the setting sun,
Left to breathe,
What others have already breathed,
And died,

Nick Hilton Biography

Originally a songwriter for the band The Freaky Yanguus, but after the disband took up poetry. He has one antholodgy on the way called 'Chickens in poetry' which is comic verse all about chickens. Currently he remains sceptically published and the chicken antholodgy remains elusive due to lack of willing publishers. After starting off just with chickens and comic verse he has started writing about the hundreds of different emotions and theese are all available on the site.)

The Best Poem Of Nick Hilton

Cat Among The Chickens

Through ocean of feathers,
The murder would be soundless,
Not even a squark,
As the paw smashed through the air,
And landed in the back of the prey,
And soundless it fell to the ground,
And was dragged from the pens,
By the serial mass murder,
The cat among the chickens!

Nick Hilton Comments

Jamie Parker 07 June 2005

Hi Nick! R U doing well in CE? I'll ask you later!

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Lenchen Elf 02 March 2005

Hurrah for chickens: -)

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Dabby Rose 10 February 2005

i like dulce et dechicken est though isn't dule et decorum est copyright?

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Cc Purle 22 January 2005

Keep trying Nick and you might get the swing of it.

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