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Everyone Is Different

When you walk through the halls
You see how different eveyone is,
We all aren't perfect
Even though people think they are perfect
They aren't

Have you ever wondered what it would be like
to live in their shoes for a day
Well it's not worth wasting your time.
You will figure out that they aren't perfect
Like people say they are

When you see that beauitful
Girl walking down the hall
With all her so called friends.
Her life isn't grand its a mess
She has had a rough time in
Her past with friends, family
She is thinking to herself, why do i have to be popular?

She figured out what life is about,
Not perfection or popularity
But having friends that care and not everyone ending up hating
Her in the long run

If you saw the normal girl with all her friends that care,
Thats how people really live like
They don't have a perfect life,
These gilrs will tell you that their lives aren't perfect and
Never will be.

Everyone in this world is very different
You have the fat, skinny, tall, short, girls/guys
You have the smart, stupid, not so dumb but not so smart
People, everyone has a different life that god wanted them to have
If God wanted us all the same he would have but you have to have different types of people in the world.

If we were all the same life would be boring
You need bumps in the road
Nothing goes smoothly along.

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