Nicole D'Settemi

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Nicole D'Settemi Poems

1. Methadone Madness (Slave To The Clinic) 3/6/2018
2. Purple Heart (Stories Of War,1) 3/6/2018
3. Verbal Psychosis (Mental Masturbation While Searching For The Happy Trail) 3/6/2018
4. Distorted Rainbow (Pt.2 Of The True Colors Trilogy 6/3/2018
5. La Stratospheria Negra A La Addicta 6/9/2018
6. 2cents (Priceless Precious Metals, Pt.1) 6/24/2018
7. Eyes Leaking Blood 6/26/2018
8. Womb-Stone (Elegy For The Madonna) 6/26/2018
9. Valley Of Disney Dolls 6/26/2018
10. Deep Black Sea 6/26/2018
11. Green Mamba (Pt.3 Of The Jungleuphoria Collection) 6/26/2018
12. Brightest Crayon In The Box 6/26/2018
13. Prism Of Panic (Pt.3 Of The True Colors Trilogy) 7/12/2018
14. Rainbow Bright (Even My Rainbows Are Grey) 7/12/2018
15. Ode To The Fer De Lance We Named Morefien 7/13/2018
16. White Wave 7/21/2018
17. Bewitched 7/21/2018
18. Making Love To The Storm -new- 8/3/2018
19. Weeping Willow -new- 8/3/2018
20. Pink Cloud -new- 8/4/2018
21. It's Raining Daggers (Precious Heavy Metals, Pt.3) -new- 8/4/2018
22. Happily Never After -new- 8/4/2018
23. Black Hole Fun -new- 8/4/2018
24. Blood-Drops Are Falling From The Sky -new- 8/4/2018
25. Nirvana Of Misery -new- 8/4/2018
26. The Long Road -new- 8/4/2018
27. The Path Of Most Resistance -new- 8/4/2018
28. Satan's Deceptive Thunder -new- 8/4/2018
29. The Runner's High -new- 8/4/2018
30. The Route To All Evil, Pt.1 (Greenery Surrounds Us) -new- 8/4/2018
31. The Happy Hike -new- 8/4/2018
32. Camouflage (Stories Of War, Pt.2) -new- 8/4/2018
33. Cliffhanger -new- 8/4/2018
34. Sun Poisoning -new- 8/5/2018
35. Grey Would Be The Color -new- 8/5/2018
36. It's Getting Ugly -new- 8/5/2018
37. Black Lightning -new- 8/5/2018
38. Sleeping Beauty (Mellow Yellow) -new- 8/5/2018
39. The Razor's Edge (Scarlet Fever) -new- 8/5/2018
40. Crimson Tide (Outro To The True Colors Trilogy) -new- 8/9/2018

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  • The Real Truth (8/9/2018 3:16:00 PM)

    JUDITH ELIZABETH BLATHERWICK AGED 54 old hag is this character I'm so pleased to have inspired this poem see online molesed bty her father

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Best Poem of Nicole D'Settemi

Lethal Love Letters (Dear Heroin)

Dear Heroin,
My name is Nicole and I'm writing to you
Because I've heard of some stories of what you can do
I heard you can stop me from feeling insane
I heard you have powers
That can take away all the pain
So I have come knocking
I stand here today
Hello Heroin-please show me the way!

Dear Nicole,
Yes, it is true
I feel quite serene
I am the answer-
If you know what I mean!
You'll shoot through the sky
You'll feel like you're soaring
When you shoot me
Life will no longer seem boring
I'll take you to places that you want to ...

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The Scenic Route

There was once a time
I tried to walk the line
On the path of straight and narrow
Looking for the ideal hero
Yet, stopped was I that day,
Stopped, was I along the way
As I made my way down the route,
I found this drug
And wanted to know what it was about

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