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I aspire to lead
A fulfilling life
Where fear is absent
And pain is out of sight.

Look at them with their
Black suits, smart ties, shiny shoes.
Their radiant white teeth
Hide the wrinkles of decisions

How wondrous is the flight of birds
How harmonious is their song
How gleefully do they glide amongst trees
With no worries to make them fall.

Open your eyes and look within.
Are you satisfied with the life you are living?
Do you wake up each morning
Grateful for a brand new day?

Such an insignificant word
A non essential feeling
A meaningless

Broken and tattered
A skater,
Gliding on thin ice.
A skater,

The gentle rush of water,
Every drop filled with love.
A unison of peace and serenity,
Upon each ripple.

Being alone is quite a challenge.
Feeling that you’re on your own in the world,
Desperate to find someone you can hold on to.

Financial greed and ego has destroyed my beautiful country Cyprus.
If only people could step out of their comfort zone and protest.

Replace hope with action and change.

Yes Jim, people are strange.*
Strangeness, a liquid that all humanity drinks.
Reshaping faces,
Making them squared, yellow, circular, pink.

You know the game
Called Hide and Seek?
It is my favorite game
I play it in my sleep,

Waiting for the train.
The awkward moment
Where everyone sits in silence.
Dry coughs

I doubt
For I know not
From whence I came.
I doubt

Destined to fight fear
She strides with pride.
Lightened by the full moon
Her head held high.

Silk is their touch
Heavenly is their smell
From Brazilian jungles
To vibrant meadows

The sun is playful with hungry eyes
It transforms African rivers into gold mines.
It embraces the reins with a glistening blanket
Leaping the heart of a weakened toddler.

Smooth, soft touch
Tender, tasty smell
Sweet, sour taste
Troubling, tempting spell

Thinking of you,
Spreads one thousand puddles.
It enters the veins,
Bursting out of the eyes.

I tend to close my eyes and fall asleep
Yet, I lie wide awake thinking of you.
My body craves for your presence
Your scent lingers, it livens my senses.

Life is like ice cream,
It can cool you off
On a hot summer's day.
It will hypnotize you with it's

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I Aspire

I aspire to lead
A fulfilling life
Where fear is absent
And pain is out of sight.
Where nothing can tempt me
And nothing can hurt me.
I aspire to create
A magical life
Filled with tender love
As peaceful and gentle
As the whitest dove
Illuminated with kindness
And magnified by happiness.
How I dream
That this majestic life
May come true.
I aspire to find it
Before this worldly life
Is through.

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