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I love your laugh, it's part of you.the way you walk, talk and wink your eye it's part of you.

I loved your laugh, it was always part of you.the way you walked, talked and winked your eye will always be part of you.

Father, a sinner stands defiant before you thoughts uncontrolled so many questions but no answers! .

Father, a sinner kneels before you thoughts controlled no more questions to be answered.


I wake just like every morning
I shower just like every morning
I make breakfast just like every morning
I pause at the front door just like every morning

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I'm just a man who likes poetry. my favourite is of course Edward Lear and The owl and the pussy cat, even though I have no connection to sailing I love sea fever. I Will never get bored of reading Spike milligan poems.)

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Mine Eyes

My eyes are the window to my soul, so look forth and once more for the secrets of my heart will unfold for the one who would look.

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just as every baby starts the journey of life with one step after the other so we will all start our own journey in life with our mind.

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Nigel Norton Popularity

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