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Some People Kill Dragons in their Dreams
Some people kill Monsters;
But Some People
Kill their own Dreams

There you were. Here I was.
Ever was a friendship
but even

We use to talk
So often, even
Without words,
But there are so few


If I am right please tell me,
but if I am wrong
show me,

I think the world
Is like a bucket of fresh
Milk on the farm:
The Cream

Anyone can accent
The Negatives
But it takes

If there were
But one second left
In my life,
I would spend it

Is it the
Heart of the Matter
the Matters of the Heart

Someone must have told me
The greater things
I learn,
The lesser things

I'll never touch a cloud with my finger tips
but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try.

The dry wind blew through
The tall grasses
Over the top of my head;
I even saw the flowers bend

Dreaming is often part of our reality
is our Reality
often just

Relax as the day is almost done
Recharge for the next day ahead
Revive your heart with a new strength
as music can fill your spirit

Why are there promise breakers
when it comes to the matters of
love and the heart?

Even as the moon rises and sets
I'm reminded that life does too.
Remember to 'travel on' which is the key
to a balance of sunsets & moons

I see the FAULTS
that make us HUMAN
cry out from PURE JOY

Shutting a door
In front of

are like
rare wines,

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Approved independently written can be viewed online at http: // Other biographical data found with Bing or Google search Nikki Hornsby's name as a grammy voting member, professional singer, songwriter, musician, producer/arranger, recording artist, business founder and talent judge etc. Poetry she has written since childhood and in boarding school in VA she was a student editor of their lit. magazine and continued writing poetry & short verse along with songs throughout her life. The shortest verse she calls 'Nikkisms' which are many in number. View a few here on One was displayed on Fox TV Network USA in 2013 and another about clouds is in each of her 30 commercial recording inserts.)

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Nikkism 2 Dragons

Some People Kill Dragons in their Dreams
Some people kill Monsters;
But Some People
Kill their own Dreams
Just to dream them
all over Again.

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Nikki Hornsby while in school in VA & NC was actively involved in publications either literary magazines, newspapers, or year books. Her father was a published novel writer as well as a GS 14 government employee. Her mother held a Masters Degree in English Ligature. Her older brother published a cook book of his own recipes to raise money for his heart transplant before he died. Nikki Hornsby grew up with writers in her family as well as always writing songs herself since she was a child of five.

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There are many poems written by Nikki Hornsby. A booklet of them are published on Here on Poem Hunter are some of those also from Nikki HORNSBY's Nikkism's which are short poems and verse.

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Nikki Hornsby Popularity

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