Niko Tiliopoulos

Niko Tiliopoulos Poems

41. Another Morning Breaks 10/9/2006
42. What Have I Done! 10/9/2006
43. Delictorum Confessio 10/7/2006
44. Malleus Maleficarum 10/7/2006
45. Lucy 10/8/2006
46. The Walls Of Babel 10/8/2006
47. Five Years Yesterday 10/9/2006
48. Advice To An Unborn Drugs Dealer 10/22/2006
49. This Is Not Here 10/28/2006
50. Prelude For A Love 10/28/2006
51. The Void 10/28/2006
52. The Pixie 10/28/2006
53. One December’s Morning 10/28/2006
54. The Cry The Painful 10/31/2006
55. In My Hometown 11/1/2006
56. The Beginning Of The Third 11/1/2006
57. My Confession 11/1/2006
58. The Night I Met You 11/1/2006
59. It's Raining Again (For Susan) 11/4/2006
60. For Me Little Brother 11/9/2006
61. That Song Of Grief And Pain 11/9/2006
62. Xmas (For John Lennon) 11/9/2006
63. O! Mama 11/10/2006
64. A Multidimensional Analysis Of A Poet 11/10/2006
65. Vision 12/3/2006
66. My Violet 12/3/2006
67. Requiem 12/3/2006
68. Twenty First's Song 12/3/2006
69. Nonsense I 12/3/2006
70. Nonsense Ii 12/3/2006
71. The Game 12/3/2006
72. For The Lost One 12/4/2006
73. In A Bad Dream 12/4/2006
74. Such A Fool 12/5/2006
75. Seasons 1: Spring 12/5/2006
76. Such A Mess! 12/8/2006
77. The Day Of The Execution 1/9/2007
78. 23 April 5: 48 A.M. Holland (Monologues For Three Persons And A Book) 2/22/2007
79. Thoughts Of Harmless Lunacy 2/23/2007
80. The War Of All Against All 2/23/2007

Comments about Niko Tiliopoulos

  • Roger Bowman (11/18/2006 6:50:00 AM)

    hey amigo della fuerto anemio hope everything goes perfecto

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  • Maria Giatsi (10/11/2006 11:08:00 AM)

    I met the poet in September 2002 in Edinburgh and I have had the opportunity (and good luck!) to get to know him a bit better over the years.
    I have to say that his poems reflect -in many ways- the way he speaks! Funny and witty on the one side, melancholic or even dramatic on the other side (well, he is Greek after all!)
    Just wonderful! ! !

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  • Nicole Miller (10/9/2006 3:53:00 PM)

    Man, you're carazy as hell! I really love your poems. Some make me wonder w.t.f., should I laugh or scratch my head, puzzled at whether there is supposed to be a deeper meaning, etc. I think maybe U just goofy. I like.

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Best Poem of Niko Tiliopoulos

Don’t Go To Bali

Don’t go to Bali my friend.

Even if the whales whistle you the way,
even if the dolphins dance for you to stay,
even if the spirits possess you when you pray.

Even if the sun is king or the winds are fair,
or even if the sea currents take you there,
and even if you are charmed
by the gamelan music in the air.

Or the dancers of barong
and the outfits of sarong,
or the feasts of spice
and the paddies of rice,
or the volcanoes of light
and the temples of white.

Come what may in the end,
don’t go to Bali my friend.

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Downtown Moscow

Strolling down the alleys of mind,
not the boulevards or the highways,
with the modern arts and the sunny days.
No, these streets are not so kind.

There is dirt and pain here,
where fools and princesses in disguise
are dancing along with their cries,
and the endless rain and fear.

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