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The moon beams
the glowworm glows
sleep is seldom ruined, but
worry over this heedless lot

Hey, People

Hey, you over there
who are sitting on the shore, happy and laughing,
someone is dying in the water,
someone is constantly struggling


Yellow hasn't become red for no reason
the red hasn't cast its colour
upon the wall for no reason.

It Is Night

A night of deep darkness.
On a branch of the old fig tree
A frog croaks without cease,
Predicting a storm, a deluge,

In The Cold Winter Night

In the cold winter night
The furnace of the sun too
Burns not like the hot hearth of my lamp,
And no lamp is luminous as mine

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Nimā Yushij (November 12, 1896 – January 6, 1960) also called Nimā, born Ali Esfandiāri, was a contemporary Tabarian and Persian poet who started the she’r-e now ("new poetry") also known as she’r-e nimaa'i ("Nimaic poetry") trend in Iran. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry.

He died of pneumonia in Shemiran, in the northern ...

Nima Yooshij Popularity