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A carefree innocent boy

Dancing all the way

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Bohemian Boy

A carefree innocent boy

Dancing all the way

Sweeping world of the feet

Laughing straight into heart

Everyone crazy by his charms.

Hearing his angelic voice

Heart skips a beat

Dashing away through the crowd

Everyone craved for his glimpse.

Little did the world knew

He was afraid inside

Afraid of losing love

Afraid of being left alone

His heart craved sweet essentials

Weird world never believes...

He destroyed his present, living in past

To straighten up things, once went wrong

Trying everything in vain

Preventing consequences of fleeting time

Folks who dreamed him

Saw a nightmare

Failing to recognize the bohemian boy

As blind world lost innocence...

Did fame spoil him?

Or was he too pure

Unfit for this world?

Or a special gift

Wrapped in mystery?

Whatever the truth may be

For when I look at you

Once again the bohemian -

Boy is smiling at me...

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