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1. The Ocean Bells 2/23/2014
2. A Longing 2/23/2014
3. She Only Needs A Poem 2/25/2014
4. The Ultimate Price 4/10/2014
5. The Journey 4/13/2014
6. Adaptation 4/15/2014
7. To My Mother 5/19/2014
8. My Love 5/21/2014
9. When You Show Up 8/3/2014
10. A Prayer For Nirvana 4/6/2014
11. I Have Seen That Face Before 4/25/2014
12. Living In Camelot 3/22/2014
13. A Black Bear Cub 3/24/2014
14. 'Stairway To Heaven' 3/23/2014
15. An Unknown Beauty 3/25/2014
16. Relationship 3/26/2014
17. Let Spring Come In Reality 3/28/2014
18. Mother’s Day (In Uk) 3/30/2014

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Mother’s Day (In Uk)

The day he was born, and rolled his eyes
the minute he gifted you his first cry
you wept in joy and spell.
He flourished inside your womb
in your flesh, blood and marrow.
The doctor severed the cord
but it was too late to separate
he already became the part of you.

Now he can walk, and talk.
Your eyes spark when you see him
tumble and dance.
He aches on a small cut
you worry much and stick a Band- Aid
and his pain melts as you kiss on his head.

Time flows with water of the Thames.
He will grow hunk, lead a life of his own.
While sailing ...

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'Stairway To Heaven'

Too many lambs on the road
Too much traffic
Please get out of the cart
Walk right on the cross street.

You may find the path
Dark and void of sound
Be brave, and stroll on
It’s indeed a paved ground.

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