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O old creature, mighty tower of paradise,
dancing Congo style in spherical circle
thou, from whose many ancestral race
are unite in thy magnitude womb,

Tick, tick in my ear
Sound loud like trumpet voice
When all was in a quake
Live in moan and gale

Lonely in a vastness field,
Buzzing in my ears,
Wandering in many days and nights,
Tattered like a mad monkey.

I appreciate this great nature,
for thy privilege precious gold 'life'.
O my dearie child,
for long thy live in my heart,

On dust, thou are form,
But how great, thou are design?
As a garment, thou appeal to me,
Shining like Joseph special robe,

We are the future hopes of the
Hatred by the society,
Embracing all our suffering

Shrilly sound from faraway
Bang and pang
In plaintive throats
Cabaret pain in clamouring voice.

Once upon a time
there was a country, dwelt in the west
black continent; rule by the emperor.
From the root of pale; live in peace

Night tale break its tell
in the night.
when the moon light and
the night stars were out

Dancing under a blaze gun
Shattering and scattering
Our joy stubbed out like dry tear
Lying with emptiness and shredded hope.


Viper, viper, slowly and cunning
Amazing in jeopardy
Deceitful in poisonous.


Caught in the midst of deity
Turning and crying
In the voice of the old jargon,

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Mother Earth

O old creature, mighty tower of paradise,
dancing Congo style in spherical circle
thou, from whose many ancestral race
are unite in thy magnitude womb,
how beautiful complexion are thee,
how Sweet fresh aroma of thy air,
I didn't know thee but thou beautiful
image are on our faces.

O caring mother, I feel the warms
of thou arms, I feel thy presence through
the wind. thou clothed us with thy skin,
and keep us in ease and fame.
thou make shield and provided fruit for us,
and allowing us to travel around,
discovery things for our existence.
In thee we found riches, honour and wisdom.

O merciful titan, thou bears our evil deeds,
destroyed for our evil atrocities,
of all our catastrophe; thou accepted us as
Strong Achilles of unique change
controlling powers of all creation,
knowing time and conversion of season
but thou tremble by a stranger 'Death'.

O lovely mother, what will i use to
appreciate thee, for we know that if
death are wrestle, thou will fought to
save us.
Because, thou shed tears and agony
when we pass to the great beyond.

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Solomon Njoku 15 May 2017

I feel like, am among the great poet.

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uchechukwu okeke 29 December 2018

Very excite and rich work, keep it up.

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Chioma aloh 08 January 2019

Such a wonderful poet. your works are amazing.

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Elizabeth Ekwe 19 April 2019

keep moving dear, your poems are good

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Chikasom ekwe 15 February 2019

Dear ur poems are beautiful to read.

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Onyekwu Chisom 31 January 2019

Solo, i am really impress on your poem.they are wonderful.

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Ugwu Mmesoma 14 January 2019

Your brillant in writing is such amazing.

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Mba Chidiebere 10 January 2019

your poem is such interest and impactive.

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Solomon Njoku Quotes

Without a history the world is nothing but meaningless.

Never look up to your regret but made mind to forget.

The more you hope the greater you cope.

Believe on yourself, think further, make further, then you will go further.

When you are inspire, you can never be expire.

My tears is not my fear but my greatness.

Greatness is not an impressive word but a motivation.

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Solomon Njoku Popularity

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