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My Love My Life

no matter how bad things got
I always had you, that's what I thought
until I caught you in a lie today
and I found out you don't feel that way
my love my life
why did you ask me to be your wife
when at every sign of strife
into my heart you twist a knife
it's not supposed to be this way I know
you've got to have more love than you sometimes show
more of yourself is what I wish you'd share
I mean your heart, not just saying 'I'm here'
what happened to make things change so fast
thought I'd found a love that would last
soulmates that's what you ...

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You’ve changed, it seems.
I used to fill your every waking moment & even your dreams.
Now if it’s me you want I’m not sure,
But one thing I do know is I’m being ignored.
Maybe someone else has caught your attention?
Because you’re sure not giving it to me.
How did it get to this?
When I can’t even get, from you, a kiss.
If you are thinking of another