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Nomad Goggs Poems

1. Getting The Picture. 9/19/2006
2. Wolf. 9/19/2006
3. Grey. 9/25/2006
4. You And Me. 10/27/2006
5. Romania, And The Corporations Move East. 8/30/2006
6. The Suspense Is Terrible, I Hope It Lasts*. 9/1/2006
7. The Hardest Thing (The Gertish Lush Of All) . 9/17/2006
8. My Muse, My Love. 9/21/2006
9. Syphon. 9/25/2006
10. A Void Of Black 7/11/2007
11. Listen To The Rabbit. 9/6/2006
12. Swimming In Strange Waters. 8/29/2006
13. Ode To Fatboy. 8/30/2006
14. Forever. 9/24/2006
15. Counting The Days. 8/27/2006
16. Equality, A Plea. 8/27/2006
17. Innocence And Ignorance. 8/27/2006
18. The Only True Freedom, Is Freedom From The Heart's Desires. 8/27/2006

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The Only True Freedom, Is Freedom From The Heart's Desires.

Travel light a friend once said to me,
'Yeah right' i thought with my big screen TV,
but over the years I've changed my view,
now i know there are very few things truly essential to you.

Each move I disposed of more sentimental tat,
it became easier as i realised, don't need this, don't need that.
Then one summer's day i was forced from my home,
loads more had to go, into storage went some,
Now i live in a hostel with limited bits,
eight months on, the stored, do i need it?

With every possession also comes responsibility,
burglars shot to save ...

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Ode To Fatboy.

So here I sit, looking at my cat,
if you'ld never met, wouldn't think she's all that,
but if you got to know her personally,
it all becomes pretty plain to see.

Is she a human trapped in a cats body,
or the other way round, if you see, if you see,
she controls with her mind I'm sure of that,
on top of the food chain, comfortably sat.

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