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I can feel the music, it reaches out to me,
freeing itself from measured lines;
sometimes it vibrates in -depth chords,
with a mysterious pulse of its time.

A Kaleidoscopic Fog

I walked through a kaleidoscopic fog early on a spring
morning in 1996. The sun was just rising. The fog had
set a stage and our star presented its golden light,
with its rays continually in motion in the midst of the fog.

You Got It!

Sometimes you take them with you, on plains, ships,trains, buses, in cabs and on the subways.
They're delivered to libraries, offices, schools,homes, to dorms, and to where government rules.
They've been props in movies since silent screen days, also in broadway shows,and other plays.
They're read on computers in various arrays.

Two Hearts (Tuned To The Beat Of Their Song)

I hope for that day when again,
you'll find me in your life,
the me you loved so long ago,
the me who wouldn't let me go.

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