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Rating: 4.33

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My dog and I, the hills we know
Where the first faint wild roses blow,
We know the shadowy paths and cool
That wind across the woodland dim,
And where the water beetles swim

A wind of dreams comes singing over sea,
From where the white waves kiss the coasts of home,
Bringing upon its rainbow wings to me
Glimpses of days gone by,

April in England–daffodils are growing
By every wayside, golden, tall and fair;
April–and all the little winds are blowing
The scents of springtime through the sunny air.

I will go down to the sea again, to the waste of waters, wild and wide;
I am tired–so tired–of hill and plain and the dull tame face of the country-side.

The young King rode through the City street,
So gallant, gay and bold;
There were roses strewn 'neath his horse's feet,
His brows were bound with gold,

Alanna! Alanna! Within the churchyard's round
There's many graves of childer there; they lie in holy ground.
But yours is on the mountain side beneath the hawthorn tree,
O sweet one, my fleet one, that's gone so far from me.

The King of Erin's Daughter had wind-blown hair and bright,
The King of Erin's Daughter, her eyes were like the sea;
(O Rose of all the roses, have you forgotten quite
The story of the days of old that once you told to me?)

Little brown feet, that have grown so weary
Plodding on through the heat of day,
Mother will hold you, mother will fold you
Safe to her breast; little feet, rest;

Norah M. Holland Biography

Norah Mary Holland (1876-1925) was a Canadian poet. Life Holland was born in Collingwood, Ontario, the daughter of Elizabeth Yeats and John H. Holland. Her mother was a first cousin of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. In 1889 the Hollands moved to Toronto, and Norah Holland completed her education at Toronto's Parkdale Collegiate. She work for the Dominion Press Clippping Bureau for eight years, and then joined the Toronto Daily News Her play, When Half Gods Go, was the final performance staged by Toronto's Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression in 1928.)

The Best Poem Of Norah M. Holland

My Dog And I

My dog and I, the hills we know
Where the first faint wild roses blow,
We know the shadowy paths and cool
That wind across the woodland dim,
And where the water beetles swim
Upon the surface of the pool.

My dog and I, our feet brush through
Full oft the fragrant morning dew,
Or when the summer sun is high
We linger where the river flows,
Chattering and chuckling as it goes,
Two happy tramps, my dog and I.

Or, when the winter snows are deep,
Into some fire-lit nook we creep
And, while the north wind howls outside,
See castles in the dancing blaze,
Or, dozing, dream of summer days
And woodland stretches, wild and wide.

My dog and I are friends till death,
And when the chill, dark angel's breath
Shall call him from me, still I know

Forever friends, my dog and I.

Norah M. Holland Comments

Pamela Mason 18 June 2019

I too have a reference to the poem 'The Little Dog-Angel' attributed to Norah M. Holland and found amongst papers and diaries of my Great-grandfather and which were later published in book form titled 'The Sea Diaries of Thomas Laws', referring to travelling between England and New Zealand in 1873 and 1901. Obviously a favourite poem of his.

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Lou Thierwechter 01 January 2019

I have a poem that was credited to Norah M. Holland that does not appear in searches on your website. The exact title: The Little Dog-Angel. Would you like me to send you the entire poem?

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Norah M. Holland Popularity

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