Norman F. Santos

Rookie - 497 Points (Nov.19,1990 / Philippines)

Norman F. Santos Poems

1. A Dream In The Shade Of Gray 12/10/2015
2. Chrysalis 12/10/2015
3. Birth Of The Lion Man 12/10/2015
4. An Empty Hearth 12/10/2015
5. Barricade Of Dominoes 12/10/2015
6. Bedtime Stories 12/10/2015
7. Anxious Anticipation 12/10/2015
8. Arsonist 12/10/2015
9. Butterfly Pestilence 12/10/2015
10. Coding The Lionman 12/10/2015
11. Genocide 12/10/2015
12. Committed To Memory 12/10/2015
13. Crystal Castles 12/10/2015
14. Cradle Of Deceit 12/10/2015
15. Flustering Tides 12/10/2015
16. Equinox 12/10/2015
17. I Forgot How To Do It 12/10/2015
18. Heaven In A Bitter Bud 12/10/2015
19. In Owls Cry 12/10/2015
20. Like Pigeons 12/10/2015
21. Glass Boy, Spare Some 12/10/2015
22. Twilight Of Daggers 12/10/2015
23. Mote 12/10/2015
24. Norman 12/10/2015
25. One For The Road 12/10/2015
26. Letting Go Of Wendy 12/10/2015
27. Melancholic Split Second Of Doubt 12/10/2015
28. Mister Ebberman 12/10/2015
29. Seize The Autumn Mist 12/10/2015
30. Seeking My Place 12/10/2015
31. Sleep Pensively 12/10/2015
32. Qualm/Quandary 12/10/2015
33. Reign Of The Rain 12/10/2015
34. Owed To Another Ode 12/10/2015
35. Stockholm Syndrome 12/10/2015
36. Sleeper Cell 12/10/2015
37. Sundered Crags 12/10/2015
38. Soliloquy Of A Tattooed Mind 12/10/2015
39. Hello Stranger 12/10/2015
40. We Incinerate Lights With Fragile Mirrors 12/10/2015

Comments about Norman F. Santos

  • Ranjan Kumar Ghosh Ranjan Kumar Ghosh (9/19/2017 7:32:00 AM)

    Very lovely and heartly your poem

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  • Daniel Einstein (9/18/2012 2:56:00 AM)

    I would like to know what poem wings to your ears and shakes your heart, every poet has in their mind
    the poem can you tell me your poem? !

  • Windsor Guadalupe Jr. (12/25/2011 7:44:00 AM)

    You are the epitome of secrets. The true connoisseur of concealment. Such a great conquest to descry what lies behind each verse. You are the flame that ignites the derelicts.

  • Paul Brookes Paul Brookes (12/23/2011 6:05:00 PM)

    A flaming arrow to the heart of endless reality and the blood of life and religion. Great imagery and so lyrical loved it. Paul.

Best Poem of Norman F. Santos


Incongruous creeper of star crossed fate
Muted dreamer with a living to tolerate
Swanking too compensate the lack of luster
A sycophantic wish delivering a note of disaster
As you regress inexorably to a cringe of pity
A cocoon not of metamorphosis but of mediocrity
Hoisted in the blind relishing promise
A delirium of emancipation from apathetic premise
Quelling identity to bargain sympathy
A herald of toppling chance of divinity
You opt for opulent wings, lavish and capturing
Denied amplification with no point of returning
A fancy to take flight but no ...

Read the full of Chrysalis

Birth Of The Lion Man

And he was a man with revealing sylvan eyes.
Sad, wandering, eager-eyes swathed with sagacity.
Coy he was, like an eagle in the wild; avert but suspicious.
He is not a child, but he is less than a man.
A critique and a wonderer loathing on his own skin
At the top of his head, he watched people.
He watched them flash harlequin smiles at each other
Smiles that harmed his eyes like polarized lights
And he remained aloof, preserved to his flightless dignity.

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