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1. Why…..? 6/10/2008
2. Who A Pushton Really Is...........? 7/13/2008
3. Relations 7/19/2008
4. The Best Things About A Teen 7/23/2008
5. Inner Emptiness 10/26/2008
6. Some People 10/26/2008
7. Our Ode 12/9/2008
8. Tired Of Doing It…..Again 12/9/2008
9. The Want Of Every Soul 12/26/2008
10. By The Beach 12/28/2008
11. They Are The Ones 12/28/2008
12. Letter To The Headmaster 1/25/2009
13. The Last Flame 2/15/2009
14. Don'T Do This To Me 2/23/2009
15. For The Moment 6/18/2009
16. The Married Girl 6/18/2009
17. When I See You 10/14/2009
18. Let's Go Out 10/14/2009
19. Lets Make A Movie 10/14/2009
20. The Bed 10/18/2009
21. To Those Special People 9/7/2008
22. My Head 10/18/2009
23. Crying Without Tears 9/14/2008
24. A Frozen Farewell 12/28/2008
25. Music 6/20/2008
26. Relations Ii 12/28/2008
27. For You A Thousand Times 12/28/2008
28. Day On The Cultural Side 7/11/2008
29. That Girl 9/17/2008
30. Life Of 4 Days 9/24/2008
31. What Is The World Turning Into? 6/7/2008
32. Should They Be Expressed…..? 8/6/2008
33. Someone Special 9/7/2008
34. Ode To Father And Mother 6/17/2008

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Ode To Father And Mother

Ode to two who are valuable to me
But even so priceless is their Devotion

Ode to father Trendy and Smart
Ode to mother simple and All Caring

You Both have faced challenges countless
You confronted them with courage endless

Even You have knowledge less mother
wisdom you have is great

I always thought You were wrong about life as it is father
But I know now that you were always right where You were

this is one Ode tho two great parents


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Why does the world accept the ongoing carnage?
Why are the leader allowed to do unlimited corruption?
Why are they allowed to enjoy
While the common man is dying

Why is a dictator is taking the credit for bring democracy
As the democracy is subjected to misuse
They are making false promises for the betterment of themselves
All they care is for personal privileges

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