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1. Things 4/6/2009
2. I Know Now 4/6/2009
3. Who? 4/7/2009
4. If I 12/20/2009
5. Unwanted 12/20/2009
6. Mom 12/20/2009
7. Fake 12/20/2009
8. Depressed 12/20/2009
9. Happily Alone 12/20/2009
10. Dying 12/20/2009
11. I Hat E You 12/20/2009
12. Look What You Did... 12/20/2009
13. Sleep 12/20/2009
14. Runaway 12/20/2009
15. Shocker 12/20/2009
16. Im Not Who I Am 12/20/2009
17. Happy? 12/20/2009
18. Say` 12/20/2009
19. End 12/20/2009
20. I Love Him And Miss Him /3 8/5/2010
21. Alone 3/22/2009
22. Lonley Road 3/22/2009
23. Gone 3/22/2009
24. What Good Is Happy? 3/22/2009
25. Best Freind 3/22/2009
26. How I Feel 3/23/2009
27. Miss Me? 3/26/2009

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Miss Me?

Your out the door,
your not going to be here anymore.
When your having fun in your dorm,
my tears will be streaming warm.
The times we shared,
we were a perfect pair.
But your going without me,
can't you see?
I wish I could go with you,
but what can i do?
You get a prize,
but all I get to do is cry.
I can't change time,
this seems like such a crime.
I can rember how we meet,
a time I'll never forget.
I'll miss you,
but what more can i do?
I guess in the end,
Kelly, you were always a great freind.

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I'm surrounded by many souls,
but I'm nothing but alone.
I'm around warm bodies,
but I'm still freezing cold.
I talk to many ears everyday,
Although none of them really hear me.
I feel for those that chose horriable paths,
for theid disconnected couls force me to not care.
Im always with company but still so alone.

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