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Young Black Man

I am a young black man
Confused and trapped in a whiteman's world
Day and night I shed lonely tears
Contemplating my life through the years

As The Rain Drops

As the rain drops, she cries
She sits close to the window crying
She sit alone wishing for someone
To hold her and kiss her

I Can'T Love You

From the burning of my heart I cry
Sometimes I would just cry
Because once again you have hurt me
I used to be on my own; lonely

I Am Not Yet A Poet…

I am not yet a poet
I have lied to my heart
Now I can no longer write
Tonight I lay awake


Do you have something I can write about
I can no longer think of things to write about
Maybe I can write about oranges
Who would read about oranges

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Obinna Nwerem Popularity