Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Obsession Poems

No Obsession

O, moon you are no where
Not even fit to shine and go near
She is one among the top and best
Try her in any form, she stands the test

For Self Obsession

Nor for her sake but for self obsession
It clearly speaks of feeling and obsession
The painter is in dilemma to draw the real love
He wants to behold the beauty and believe

Greed And Obsession

Greed and obsession

Money has lot more roles to play
And hold sway

An Obsession

I have so many things in my possession
diamond, gold silver has not created any obsession
The wealth is multiplied without any efforts
the laden ships are still landing at ports

New Obsession

New obsession

From school days to college
There is tremendous change

My Obsession

My obsession

My head got struck on ground
When hit a surface and found

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