An Obsession Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

An Obsession

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I have so many things in my possession
diamond, gold silver has not created any obsession
The wealth is multiplied without any efforts
the laden ships are still landing at ports

Everything is taking place at very ease
but it does not give me joy or please
People address me as wealthy man and tease
I am eager to use it for noble cause and release

What makes man to enjoy the moment?
the beautiful happenings around or hectic movements?
the worldly affairs or natural climate
which of the things stay near possibly to state

The noise atmosphere and wordy duals appeal no one
it has never found favor with poor, rich or any one
I had everything in my possession
still i prefer to stay away with clear obsession

You can never influence a person or mass
they are distinct and super in their own class
They have full freedom with total integrity
they know what is divinity and serenity

You may donate large sum for noble cause
it will not create deep impact because
you have been blessed with wealth
it is going for charity and good health

It may satisfy to the extent of donation
still it may not quality for equation
the wealth might have come through inheritance
it does not carry much weight or substance

The poems or songs created in His praise
leads to likes of many and enough to raise
your status as beloved and nice figure
no one could have got it for sure

The wealth may deplete and show the bottom
You may feel poor with unimaginable symptom
the verses and creations may take you to people's heart
what an innovative way of living near with lovely start

No gold or jewelry will grant you enough access
it may lie in abundance or in excess
it may still bother you as having very less
you will be suffering from tension and stress

What you loose as an ordinary poet?
much to gain by remaining very quiet?
no one can steal any of golden creation
as it is instrument for their recreation

I have lived with both but enjoyed only one
it has altogether changed my behavior and tone
I have touched the ground to experience is depth
it has enough of everything to be felt with strength

The music may never die out
you have nothing to fear or face the rout
there is uniqueness to feel about
it is proving as health tonic to feel stout

It takes you to a far off land
You can not fear for life or see anybody's hand
it is just an elevation to feel satisfaction
This is very nice and good indication

Sachin Goswami 22 February 2011

t takes you to a far off land You can not fear for life or see anybody's hand

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