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Shall I follow the stream
Or cross the sea,
Strive for a dream
Or let life be?

the best weapon is a word
no swords can slash
no shields can hold

Its been four years
when we first met each other
we filled the days of laughter
and face the change together

Life has no endings but a series of beginnings
has a speed of a lightning, mystical as a dream

It is an eye of an infant, smile of a youth

A sun is nothing without its bright
A moon is nothing without its light
A day is nothing withouts its night
An eye is nothing without a sight

We came as a strangers in time
drawn by destiny a heaven sign
our souls and wills kept us bind
in drops of miseries that can't unwind

Will i forget those unfaded years with you?
when fears sent down cast away the blue

When tears fell short in birth of time

Abot tanaw na yaring dulo ng wakas
Sa kinatindigan aking nabanaag
Mula sa malayo masdan ang liwanag
Nang sa aking pagsapit higanteng ahas!


Wind controls the waves of the ocean
and a depth of the deepest sea
wind dance with the flower
and to leaves of the firmest tree

Oh! how cold this summer is!
silver sky pouring cold tears
gloomy trees departs its dying leaves
I wish that I in your heart still exists

Sa taglay kong lalim ako’y nalulunod
Sa alon ng buhay nagpapatianod
Sa hiwaga nitong gabi’y nagtatanod
Sa mundong malupit tuloy sa pag-inog.

10 letters.. U N R E V E A L E D
10 letters.. M Y S T E R I O U S
2 words.. I E X I S T

My heart silent my lips, my mind forces me to speak

My soul drowned in unwind indifference

I will still love you

Until the stars doesn't
dress the heaven

Cold voices in wet wind breeze
drops are longing to touch you lips
you sheltered me in your warm breast
and calm a wind in this stormy days

No room for indifference
neutrality has no place
I'm filled with emptiness
in this abandoned nest

I lie down in an icy river
with my soft frozen tears
there is a wall of strong glaciers
sealed my soul in fears


Smile is hidden deep in tears
so let the tears flow in path of dreams
it will flood the dry land of fears
and will heal the scars of wounded years


I look at the heaven while
the stars are in shine.,

I look at the sky while

I will still love you

Until the stars doesn't
dress the heaven

Ocean MisT Biography

10 letters.. U N R E A V E L E D 10 letters.. M Y S T E R I O U S 2 words.. I E X I S T The shadow of loneliness cast upon me the frozen tears, the unfelt love, the unheard voice. As my pen kiss the paper of my tears my mind starts wondering about everything questions needs answers but answers don't needs questions. The seed of my sins bear fruits of repentance, my blood flows to the river of fears and my dreams led me to my worst nightmares. My soul cries because the fire is gone the fire to pursue my goal but even my goal perish to the doom of this cruel world. The trees, the birds and the sky they asked me why? Why am I here? 'I came here to find myself who lost to the deepness of my own mind, ' I replied but their question remains questions, my answer is not enough. The cold wind brought darkness to reveal the light, the shade of gloom conquer my mind, the soft drizzle becomes a heavy rain, the spark of the lightning becomes the roar of a thunder, the small seed becomes a huge tree but I becomes dust that exists everywhere yet invisible.. silence... My eyes blurred in the radiance of the dark, in the deepest part of the dark, I remained unharmed and contented even I am alone. My solitude teach me a lot better than any teachers, better than any educators better than this world. The search is done, I found myself in in the amidst of nowhere, Undefined, Unnamed, Unrevealed... , ._____? *-R-C-*)

The Best Poem Of Ocean MisT


Shall I follow the stream
Or cross the sea,
Strive for a dream
Or let life be?

Shall it be neon lights
That spell sucess,
Or flickering lamplight
For happiness?

Follow the thunder?
Follow the storm?
Follow the whisper
That leaves and breeze form?

Follow my heartbeat?
Follow my head?
What shall each bring me?
Where shall each lead?

Note-I am not the author of this poem, i am just read it on a book.
I hope you enjoy it also.

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