oceanna lary Poems

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Him And Her

She is a friend
and he is mine
When i am in need
she is there to lend a hand

Down She Fell

They dropped her from the sky,
And down she fell,
Wings torn.
Her heart had died,


As i sit in this empty hallway,
And think upon all the moments,
That we were able to share.
My heart is full of happiness that won't fade till the end of the day,

Storm Raging On

she listens to the storm raging on,
The rain dancing on the glass,
Ones like her there are very few,
The storm outside is nothing compared to the one beyond,

Keep This In Your Head So You Know Why Im Dead

i know that if i die,
nowon will wounder why.
no one lovesme,
al they want to do is cange me.

Why Am I Me

im depressed, suicidal, stupid and scared,
im lonely, heartbroken, and dis-pared.
why am i like this? i dont know why,
and most days what little things make me wounder why

The Strugle

have you ever felt the struggle
of one country to the next?
do you know the struggle to smuggle
one family to the next?

Why Must There Be War

why must there be war
why can't we be happy
for life has in store
something much more happy

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