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1. The Traveller 10/4/2010
2. Sometimes 10/4/2010
3. Photograph 10/11/2010
4. White Rag 11/8/2013
5. For Him 11/8/2013
6. The Beautiful Monster 11/8/2013
7. Life 11/8/2013
8. The Power Of The Key 12/2/2013
9. Announcing Her Coming (*read Like A Town Crier) 12/2/2013
10. Carpe Diem (Latin) 1/24/2014
11. Corruption 1/24/2014
12. God Can Be 1/24/2014
13. Soon, 1/24/2014
14. Be My Valentine 2/11/2014
15. The Pencil 2/20/2014
16. Responsibilities 2/21/2014
17. Please Come Back 2/28/2014
18. The Journey So Far 3/13/2014
19. Death 6/20/2014
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Sometimes, I wished I never heard
about some things, they mingle with
the thought of the idled mind.

Sometimes, I wished I never touched
some things, baffled by the
metamorphosis at a blink.

Sometimes, I wished I never said
some things, not knowing how gossips
spread like wind fire during the harmattan season.

Sometimes, I wished I never saw some things,
Hoping it just disappear like the smoke in the
Air without any traces from the mind eyes.

Sometimes, I wished I never had
some things, like precious treasures,
guarded like chicks ...

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White Rag

I am unique and special
Pure and clean without spot, holy without sin
Made from stainless materials
From me reflexes the radiant beauty of the sun

Other rags seems to be jealous
Jealous of my magnificent nature
For they are just used without mercy
Without pity, without love.

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