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Jesus Is Not In Heaven

Seeing him, John recognised him and pointed him out
Now where is Jesus Christ?
Not somewhere in the sky
Not behind the moon or sun

We Can't Go Home

We are stuck
Home sick
feelings, so nostalgic
But we can't go home

Christianity Today

The gospel of the Lord,
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ
Only the homily ought to proceed
But no, it must be sermon

Kongi At 83

The highly respected man of words and letters,
The Lion of the Jewel,
Library in itself
A world treasure

It Won't Be Long

The danger of creating a monster
Is that one day it will
Turn against you.
They terrorise us now

No Job On Ground

There is no job anywhere
in the country
No vacancy anywhere
Find your way after school

Tell It To Ehimen

Tell it to Ehimen

Ehimen, it is a promise
I promise to keep

Na Doctor Dey Save Lives

Him no be God
But na God dey use am
Him dey care,
but na God dey heal

What They Saw

I can see it, I can visualise it, yes, I can picture it,
They saw it all, and the said it, and they fought it,
In that cool and most sort after place, that is at the end of the world,
I imaging the warlord, Ezeigbo, Gburugburu, ikemba, the Oduma of the universe, laughing at the turn of things in this country he selflessly fought for,

A Soul With Mary

This girl has taken over my mind.
When I sit down,
I think of her, her nubian nose.
When I eat, she is there,