Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen

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Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen Poems

1. 'Everyday Is The Same' 9/30/2012
2. 'Beauty Is A Friend Like You' 10/2/2012
3. 'Her Love Divine' 10/2/2012
4. 'The Drifting Soul' 10/3/2012
5. 'Mercy' 10/4/2012
6. Urban Slum 10/7/2012
7. The Man Died 10/7/2012
8. 'Lamentation Of A Deity' 10/8/2012
9. The Chain Starts With Me 10/8/2012
10. A Hand For My Perfect End 10/8/2012
11. For Passion, Love And Hate 10/9/2012
12. Love I Know 10/9/2012
13. Life Is A Luxury 10/9/2012
14. Goodmorning! 10/9/2012
15. Plight Of Life 10/9/2012
16. My Light 10/9/2012
17. A Lady's Worth 10/10/2012
18. Dancing With The Butterfly 10/11/2012
19. Love Ever Real 10/11/2012
20. The Passion 10/12/2012
21. Hungry Pity Pete, Five Days Long 10/11/2012
22. Life's Treacherous Play 10/13/2012
23. A Lover's Plight 10/13/2012
24. My Love Delight 10/13/2012
25. Tonight, Am In Love With The Rain 11/9/2012
26. Night And Day 11/22/2012
27. The Virgin's Last Breath 12/5/2012
28. Light Of Another Day 9/3/2013
29. Scarlet Wench 9/8/2013
30. A Rose For Mary 4/8/2015
31. 'Shades Of Grey' 4/8/2015
32. ' Our Seed Of Love' 10/4/2012
33. The Sojourner 10/7/2012
34. Sweet Memories Of My Childhood Days 10/7/2012
35. A Letter From The City 8/19/2013
36. 'My Beauty For All Seasons' 10/2/2012
37. ' My Home Away From Home' 10/4/2012
38. The Quest 10/10/2012
Best Poem of Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen

The Quest

Part i:

Three men set out for their worldly quest
One for gold, another for a pleasure nest
The third for what he could not tell
But trusted his heart to lead him well.

'I shall have every silver and every gold'
The first boasted so bold
'All pleasure everywhere is mine'
The second yelled, 'with plenty wine and dine'

To the third they asked, 'what will yours be'
'Well for all i ask and seek, ' said he
'Let the sun guide me by day, by night the moon
To my quest, my heart shall lead me there soon'

Part ii

And there before the rising...

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'Wake up son, the city is about to go up in flames!
Sins are many, they heap upon me all blames!
Take thy household, nothing else and flee.
To the hills, look not behind thee
Take no silver, take no gold
But thy coat to keep thee from the cold

Take no livestock, call no friends
Lest it pass from friends to fiends

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