Old Amsterdam

Rookie (12.12.88 / Soul Asylum)

Old Amsterdam Poems

1. Cold 2/9/2007
2. What's Out Of The Window? 5/14/2007
3. Face To Truth 3/30/2007
4. Flower With Blood 3/30/2007
5. Chaotic Brain 3/30/2007
6. Shadow Is True 3/30/2007
7. Clean Forward View 5/14/2007
8. We Are So Tied 5/14/2007
9. Talk 5/15/2007
10. Have We Blamed Ourselves? 5/15/2007
11. Real 5/15/2007
12. Turn The Pages 5/15/2007
13. You 5/15/2007
14. What's The Name Of This Place? 5/16/2007
15. Dragonfly In My Dream 5/16/2007
16. Rise From The Ashes 5/17/2007
17. The Last Day In My Place 3/30/2007
18. She Is Eve, But I Never Be Adam 3/30/2007
19. Child's Words 5/16/2007
20. Purple Sky 5/15/2007
21. Life Is Beautiful 3/30/2007
22. Traveling By Winds 5/17/2007
23. Calling For Earth 5/14/2007
Best Poem of Old Amsterdam

Calling For Earth

The ocean's sounds, the ground's shoutting
The sky's light, the woods' begging
We never heared
When we in the city
We're all in the city and saying: 'where are you, Mr Green? '

But nature has been tired, all the oceans are tired
All the ground is tired
The same to the tree, and the sky
They don't want to talk
Talk to us-Talk to the stupid animal
We're the strangers here, In fact,
Nobody knows us,
Even our mum.

Now, I'm standing here, the highest mountain
Facing the angery ocean, stand on the shocking ground
Beneathing the lightning ...

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Face To Truth

I was so tied to play this game
I never found my situation without pain
Why you put me in?
I thought that we are all to blame

I'm the man from the outside
People think that I'm a stupid guy

I'm a good player in the other game

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