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O my Love sent me a lusty list,
Did not compare me to a summer's day

Maybe we you us
But not everyone except

The dark wood after the dark wood: the cold
after cold in April's false November.

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Olena Kalytiak Davis (born 1963) is an American poet. She is the author of two poetry collections, most recently, Shattered Sonnets, Love Cards, And Other Off-And-Back Handed Importunities (Tin House Books). Her first book, And Her Soul Out Of Nothing, won the Brittingham Prize (University of Wisconsin Press). Her honors include a 2004 Guggenheim Fellowship in poetry and a 1996 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers' Award in poetry. Her poems have been published in literary journals and magazines including AGNI, New England Review, Tin House, Poetry Northwest, Michigan Quarterly Review, Field, Indiana Review, Post Road Magazine and in anthologies including Best American Poetry 1995 and Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century (Sarabande Books). She is a first-generation Ukrainian-American, and grew up in Detroit. She has since lived in San Francisco, Prague, Lviv, Paris, Chicago, and the Yup'ik community of Bethel, Alaska, and currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She was educated at Wayne State University, University of Michigan Law School, and Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is also a contributing editor at The Alaska Quarterly Review.)

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My Love Sent Me A List

O my Love sent me a lusty list,
Did not compare me to a summer's day
Wrote not the beauty of mine eyes
But catalogued in a pretty detailed
And comprehensive way the way(s)
In which he was better than me.
'More capable of extra- and inter-
Polation. More well-traveled -rounded multi-
Lingual! More practiced in so many matters
More: physical, artistic, musical,
Politic(al) academic (I dare say!) social
(In many ways!) and (ditto!) sexual!'
And yet these mores undid but his own plea(s)(e)
And left, none-the-less, the Greater Moor of me.

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Olena Kalytiak Davis Popularity

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