Olga Cabral Poems

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Electronic Tape Found in a Bottle

If this small human testament
completes its odyssey
clears the curtains of fiery meteors

The Breathing Night

Chin on paws the night sleeps
a huge dark animal breathing
as earth keeps time breathing

Woman Ironing

I am ironing the dress in which I ran from the prom
I am ironing my favorite dresses of long ago
I am ironing the dresses I did not have

Lillian's Chair

Lillian has just arisen from her chair.
She has gone into her garden to commune with snails
to answer the birds' questions.

An Ancient Alphabet

Because you were writing your poems backward
an ancient alphabet
from right to left as in mirrors

O The White Towns

O the white towns with picket fences,
and the green lawns, in the blue hills -
the courthouse bells are tolling, tolling

Tree full of birds

I had thought the tree
was alive with birds
hearing the fury
of so many small wings

The Music of Villa-Lobos

Someone is speaking a lost language.
It is the music of Villa-Lobos.
I try to remember: where was I

To Spain

Jarama, Teruel, Guadalajara -
who does not remember?
Their sounds tap on the mind's window