Oliver Wendell Holmes

(1809-1894 / United States)

Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems

41. The Old Player 4/6/2010
42. The Shadows 4/6/2010
43. To A Caged Lion 4/6/2010
44. The Toadstool 4/6/2010
45. The Stethoscope Song. A Professional Ballad 4/6/2010
46. The Philosopher To His Love 4/6/2010
47. The Ploughman 4/6/2010
48. The Parting Word 4/6/2010
49. The Mysterious Visitor 4/6/2010
50. The Old Cruiser 4/6/2010
51. The Last Survivor 4/6/2010
52. The Mind’s Diet 4/6/2010
53. To H. W. Longfellow 4/6/2010
54. The Sweet Little Man 4/6/2010
55. Two Poems To Harriet Beecher Stowe 4/6/2010
56. To Canaan 4/6/2010
57. To An English Friend 4/6/2010
58. The Two Armies 4/6/2010
59. To George Peabody 4/6/2010
60. The Promise 4/6/2010
61. The Last Reader 4/6/2010
62. Benjamin Peirce 4/6/2010
63. Two Sonnets: Harvard 4/6/2010
64. To The Portrait Of 4/6/2010
65. The Wasp And The Hornet 4/6/2010
66. Under The Washington Elm, Cambridge 4/6/2010
67. Too Young For Love 4/6/2010
68. The Rose And The Fern 4/6/2010
69. Hymn For The Inauguration Of The Statue Of Governor Andrew 4/6/2010
70. Harvard 4/6/2010
71. The Exile’s Secret 4/6/2010
72. J. D. R. 4/6/2010
73. L’inconnue 4/6/2010
74. A Song. For The Centennial Celebration Of Harvard College 4/6/2010
75. Welcome To The Nations 4/6/2010
76. Hymn For The Dedication Of Memorial Hall At Cambridge, June 23, 1874 4/6/2010
77. Poem For The Two Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Founding Of Harvard College 4/6/2010
78. Wind-Clouds And Star-Drifts 4/6/2010
79. Address For The Opening Of The Fifth Avenue Theatre 4/6/2010
80. H. C. M. H. S. J. K. W. 4/6/2010
Best Poem of Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Familiar Letter

YES, write, if you want to, there's nothing like trying;
Who knows what a treasure your casket may hold?
I'll show you that rhyming's as easy as lying,
If you'll listen to me while the art I unfold.

Here's a book full of words; one can choose as he fancies,
As a painter his tint, as a workman his tool;
Just think! all the poems and plays and romances
Were drawn out of this, like the fish from a pool!

You can wander at will through its syllabled mazes,
And take all you want, not a copper they cost,--
What is...

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The Last Leaf

I saw him once before,
As he passed by the door,
And again
The pavement stones resound,
As he totters o'er the ground
With his cane.

They say that in his prime,
Ere the pruning-knife of Time

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