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Life is hard
This is true
Either make it or it will break you
Never look at yesterday

If I thought today would be the last time that I would see you I would hold on to you for a little longer.

If I thought that this would be the last time that I would ever talk to you I would make sure to hear everything that you wanted to say.


I wish I could figure out a way to say
How much pain you put me through that day
Just a kid who made mistakes
You took my love and threw it away

I don’t know what to say I don’t know what to do
Alls I know is that I’m crazy in love with you
I love your smile and the way it lights up the day
I love your eyes and the way they shimmer in that special way

Day by day I feel your memorie fading away
I can not cry or understand why
you didn’t stay
But my heart is in no pain

As I look back
I have no regret
I lived life
And let life live

I’ve had a hard life
Not the hardest I’m sure
I was beaten and bruised
And my life took a detour

I don’t want someone perfect…I don’t want someone who has it all
I dont want the shiniest tresure in the chest, I don’t want the best
I don’t want something that everyone wants, I don’t want a trophie
I want someone who is full of flaws, you know the ones that always trip and fall

Sweet temptations everlasting
One more glance unforgotten
Precious memories still surround
One more lesson not yet found

I finally got to taste the sweet nectar I've long to reach
For all others it seemed to come easy… The moment was there and in a panic I failed
My mind went blank I wasn't all there… My heart began to rush and stop
I didn't remember what I was supposed to do, Everything I wanted to try

I know it’s conventional to say something sweet
Like how my heart skips a beats every time our eyes meet
And that each time I feel your touch
My eyes light up and my cheeks blush

Hear the beat, the beating of my heart
I look at them at it starts, my heart beating faster and slower all at the same time
My mind couldn’t think of anything else but that their mine
Closing my eyes, thinking of their smile and just how wild they are

Forever alone, forever alone this heart in my chest is long lost and on its own
Cast this to the fires of hell as I feel the tears being too well
How if only I could change I would not have to suffer such limitless pain
So longing to have eyes gaze upon me, and see me as perfect just being me

Sick and uneasy, feel your touch as you leave me...
Play dumb like the rest get this empty feeling in my chest...
Close my eyes and pretend that it's not happening that this isnt the end, remind myself Im nothing more then a friend,
But then why do I feel my heart bend when I know your not mine.

Love is like a drug that drives us insane,
It fool us in thinking it cures the deepest pain,
It soothe the soul and lets us know we're never alone,
When deprived we find ourselves struggling to stay alive.


Please let me see that theres more to me…
I’ve felt so empty as I watch everyone around me leave.
I have my faults, don’t we all? But bad luck has taken it all.
You try and try even when you don’t know why,

A thousand confessions that go unheard, floating through the air like a lost bird
The words that hang so heavy in the air, to be lost forever with no ears so hear
Take a breath tastes the tears… So much loneliness in so few years
Wounding around, what else could be here? Misplaced child enveloped by fear

Getting close and understanding so alike it’s uncanny
What do to as you leave?
Weep my self off to sleep?
How I miss our conversations

The final good bye the last tear and a *sigh*
Good bye one and all let the last curtain fall...
One chapter of our lives
Fare well and good bye

Walking though the hallway of my mind
Looking at everything I’ve left behind
All The ghosts that refused to die
And the lingering question of Why?

Olivia Braun Biography

My names Olivia. Im 15 and love to write... I know im not the best and my spelling is kinda off... But I hope you like my writting anyways =D So please comment on my work and I love to read yours! ~Olivia)

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Never Look At Yesterday

Life is hard
This is true
Either make it or it will break you
Never look at yesterday
Or you’ll never see today
Live up and never let anyone pull you down
You only got this one life
Don’ let it pass you by
Don’t think of “What if’s” or “Might haves”
Remember all you’ve done and
All you can do
And just remember in this one life its up to you….

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lucie davies 27 February 2018

I love the poem if I thought... it really inspired me I'm 12 and now love writing me own poems

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Nitin Yadav 06 May 2011

you really rock... i liked this one very much..

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Andrea Healy 01 October 2007

i think this poem is good

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