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Roses are red

and violets are blue

A new light
you can see it
and you think

She watched
And she cried
As she sat there
And watched true horror

When you've finished
you think you're done
you review your actions
but what have you done

The sky was dark
Not knowing what to do
Wanting to give up
Because you thought you'd never see the sun

Help me my love
for I cannot further myself anymore
All alone in this personal hell
I am in this darkness forevermore

In happiness
we reside
but in sadness
is where we are always cast Aside

The smell of flowers overwhelmed my nose

My head started pounding


Ashes to ashes

we all fall down


candy candy
it is sweet
but no longer
tastes like anything to me

We hide
We run
We lie
Nothing is ever really true

Love is a lasting thing
It is a very powerful thing
It has the power
It can control anything and anyone it wants

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A Sad Love Story

Roses are red

and violets are blue

You broke me

But I'm still in love with you

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'you sneaking around the rules and arguing semantics'

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