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Lay my hair upon your swift to make manifest
the beauty in your heart.
Echo the melodies that storms your heart but
not as Delilah.

The battle line is drawn.
Beyond the mystery of your power,
You've laid us down.
In your bid to get in here you promised to build a tower.

Take me high
On the mountain top
Please do and do
Before this wind leads me down.

Each day of life
Our minds are set to get that which brings joy to the heart
Not that which had been from birth of the earth in Eden
Created free to explore the love of a father

Thinking of the bay that daily gush
From our ray on this lengthy voyage.
This at first wasn't envisage to be created,
For our calculator has failed us in haste.

In your golden wonder we daily dwell.
In the words of life and that said let there be.
From them do we manifest when we fall to hell.

firm in my heart i find a wonder grow.
right in my spirit this is set to blow.
bend your heads and start walking with feet in
the air.

on the voyage of my father my feet invade,
looking up front from a metallic monster,
a damsel my ray stunts.
in s.s.c.e outlook her journey was made,

I can't imagine the cry ranged from my eyes
Sweeping the floor like a flood.
This non can imagine to be our lot.
Despite all hands on deck for success to make

I'm not pleased with this work that range against me.
Could it be to have lust in a meritorious thought.
Brain blank or full brain in the dunghill master state.
President buhari has gone to visit Queen Elizabeth,


Looking upon the Eucharist that clips our heart.
The sole journey to the promise Land of thought,
Not as that which ended up in forty years.
But the one that has brought sorrow in laughter to our face.

From the Brooks of fantasy.
The boom of a coming legs make a glorious call.
This so gratifying not to be compared
To the funeral calls of our politicians and corps.

Hoop lock loop,
The ecstasy that gaga ones heart above,
For that which do enclose us all bellow our worth,
In this we tend to daily lay our hope,

Come to me the one whose heart is tender,
so handsome that your organ must be my shop,
ti ko ba kin se oko eni ashaje ale eni,
in this life of mine, i've not set my eye on one that is better,

Off a limb I moved from this tempting building,
An abode cage life was made a wonder from the fetus,
This none can resist dwelling on this soil.
His power is engrave in his laws that are binding.


On this road of life
When being glow in thought.
Breath in breath

While looking around for hope to lay
My heart steers towards the mystery of each day
The positive and negative side of the coin
As none knows how to hit the loin


At the dawn of each day
My heart puzzles on what life tends to pay
So tensed
I am

Looking back
At what life has made of us
Thus our shallow thinking would of no help be
Could it be the six years gymnastics

In the early hour of a glorious day
When my pulse could neither breathe
A marvelous chorus I sang
Yeah I did sing

Olorode Olorunleke Biography

Olorode Olorunleke is Nigerian from Ogbomosho North Local Government of Oyo State. Born into the family of Archbishop S. O. Olorode (retired) and Prophetess Abimbola Olorode on the 22nd May in Lagos, Nigeria with a twin brother Olorode Olorunjuedalo. Attended Saint Micheal Primary School Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. Then moved to Saint John Primary School, Idi-Oro, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria In 1999. Graduated from Ransome Kuti Memoria Grammar School Moshalasi Surulere Lagos Nigeria in the year 2006 but re-enrolled into the C.M.S. Grammar School Bariga Lagos State in the year 2008 and graduated in the year 2010. After graduating from CMS Grammar School, gained admission to study law at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria from 2010-2015. A Legal Practitioner by profession practising in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.)

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Lay my hair upon your swift to make manifest
the beauty in your heart.
Echo the melodies that storms your heart but
not as Delilah.
That we will all worship in the heart and not as
the virgins on the street.
In purity they do all things and in Sin their faith
is greater.
In the close of their faces they put knife on our
throats to accept their god.
Can God be fight for, in their hearts kingdom
expansion they forward.
Save me saviour not to be in their nest and grant
me the courage to be firm for you.
That I propagate the gospel of Christ forever.

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