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Boy And A Girl Dialogue

Do you love me
With a love fair and free
Unconditional and true as it could be?

An Advice To A Girl

Never love the guy you never meet
Never listen to a guy on the street
do not fall in love with a guy twice
do not let a guy pay your pride price

Lovers Dance

Lift me upon thy arms
With the magic of thy charms
Let us dance as if aflamed
By a lyrical blazing flame

Insane Nation

Must madness reign?
In our dear nation's vein
Should we watch him in this pain?
Of the regression of his brain

He Never Knew

He never knew
that his heart has been split to two
he will go out with friends
drink and merry till the day ends

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20 April 2016

A writer is made popular by his phrase not by his face

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